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What Are My Rights When a Cop Pulls Me Over

What Are My Rights When a Cop Pulls Me Over

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Understanding the law and your legal rights when a cop pulls over your vehicle is vital. A cop needs a valid reason to perform a traffic stop, but nothing prevents them from saying that you went to the left of the center line when you did not. Unless the officer has probable cause to search your car or truck, you have the right to decline their request to invade your privacy.

However, if a cop sees an illegal item in plain sight, he can search your property with probable cause. Cops will often ask you several questions during a stop, but you always have the right to remain silent. The only exception is that you must identify yourself when asked to do so. Since cops can make your life difficult, do your best to remain polite while enforcing your rights as a citizen. The same rules apply when a cop stops to offer roadside help. Cops might be a little more courteous when they are providing roadside help, but you should still remember your rights.