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Alex Mandry Family Lawyers Sunshine Coast

Member Since: Nov 22, 2021

508/6 Wharf St, Maroochydore, Queensland

https://alex-mandry.com.au/offices/family-lawyer-sunshine-coast/ • Required a Family Lawyer in Sunshine Coast? Alex Mandry Family Lawyers Sunshine Coast is your relied on family attorney that services Maroochydore and all of Sunshine Coast. With over 20+ years of experience looking after all manners of Family Law Issues, we are right here to help you. We NEVER encourage you to head to Court.As well as we always encourage settlement. Our role is to assist you to retain the assets that are essential to you. We give you sensible guidance concerning your children, parenting arrangements, domestic violence issues as well as support agencies that can deal with you. Our mission is to support and assist YOU.Our work is to assist you maintain the assets that are important to you while coming up with creative solutions that are the very best for you, your family, as well as your finances. We understand that your life has actually been turned upside down, as well as we understand that there may be numerous underlying problems that we can support you through.Our experience is broad-ranging, as well as we will make strategic decisions on your behalf that are based on logic and also reason (not emotion) while getting you inexpensive as well as favourable outcomes.And also must your matter proceed to a court hearing, Alex Mandry is committed to securing your rights and also provide you with strong representation that fights to shield you as well as your family.The primary step is to contact us to figure out where you stand so that we can suggest you on what you require to do following. Alex Mandry understands the stresses and implications that is associated with relationship breakdowns. We can help you in obtaining your Sunshine Coast divorce in a cost-effective and timely manner and also will provide help with all aspects of your divorce, including completion of the application and any supporting affidavit, serving the application on your spouse and also attending the Court hearing (if required).Give us a call as well as we'll more than happy to assist you with your Sunshine Coast family attorney matter.

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